Villains in Venice


Sophie and Lil return in the third book in the Taylor & Rose Secret Agents series, illustrated by Karl James Mountford.

After the dramatic events of their mission to St Petersburg, Sophie and Lil know the truth – there’s a double-agent at work at the Secret Service Bureau.

Whilst Lil pursues a dangerous line of enquiry in London, Sophie must set out on a new mission to Venice with the help of old friends Jack and Leo – following a twisted trail to discover long-buried secrets.

But there are villains lurking amongst the city’s piazzas, canals and crumbling palaces, and in the shadows an enemy lies in wait…

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Villains in Venice

It’s been a long wait but the third book in the Taylor & Rose Secret Agents series is finally here… and readers can find out what happened after the big cliffhanger at the end of Spies in St Petersburg!


Announcing… Villains in Venice!

It’s time to reveal the title and cover for the third book in the Taylor & Rose Secret Agents series! I’m thrilled to present Villains in Venice!