Colouring sheets

Download a gorgeous colouring sheet inspired by Clockwork Sparrow or Jewelled Moth! There are three to choose from:

Resources for teachers & librarians

Download some classroom resources for The Sinclair’s Mysteries:


Background to the Sinclair’s Mysteries

Want to find out more to the background to the Sinclair’s Mysteries – including the real-life history and places that helped inspire the books? Here’s some places to start:

Writing tips

Looking for writing tips? Try these:

Secret code puzzle

Can you crack the code? Put your detective skills to the test with this activity sheet, and find out if you can crack codes like Billy and Lil in Clockwork Sparrow. Work out the solution to discover the title of the third book in the series!
Download the code puzzle

Dress up as Sophie and Lil

If you’d like to dress up as Sophie, Lil or one of the other characters from the Sinclair’s Mysteries for World Book Day or Children’s Book Week, here’s some tips and ideas to get you started creating your costume.

Make sure you send me a photo of your finished outfit!